Electricity grids

Electricity grids are being expanded to raise energy efficiency and increase the feed-in of energy from renewable energy sources. Electricity grid planning, operational management, transmission and distribution technologies are being optimised with the aim of guaranteeing secure, cost-effective and environmentally sound electricity supply.

news / 2014-06-02

The development of compact switching points for DC transmission solves a problem caused by the grid expansion: the grid nodes and feed-in systems are becoming smaller and can thus be installed more conveniently in urban areas and on platforms for offshore wind farms. Siemens’ development manager Denis Imamovic is today presenting the latest results of the research project at the Berliner Energietage conference. Read more

news / 2013-12-10

Every wind turbine that is connected to the grid affects the grid quality. Until now, operators have not known the precise extent to which they do this and instead rely on estimations. In order to make better use of capacities and prevent disruptions, scientists at Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg have therefore designed a measuring device that determines the effect of wind turbines on the medium-voltage grid. It is planned to produce a measuring device for high-voltage lines by 2016. Read more

news / 2013-10-28

The ideal course of a power route depends on a number of factors. Scientists at the Technical University of Dortmund have joined forces with the grid operator Amprion to model a weighting function which systematically reproduces the relevant criteria. A computer-aided planning tool shall enable planners to make an objective assessment of various route layouts, visualise different alternatives and swiftly develop suitable compromises. Read more

news / 2013-09-10

The North Frisian island of Pellworm has been a showcase for energy research since the early 1980s. The largest solar farm in Europe was installed there in 1983. In 1989, wind turbines were added to create Europe’s largest hybrid power plant. Now, the island is due to become power-independent, with an intelligent electricity grid with large-scale storage facilities and a large number of home storage systems. Read more

news / 2013-09-09

The “Partner-Dampfkraftwerk” research project, which has now begun, aims to significantly improve the demand-driven integration of electricity from fluctuating energy sources. For this purpose, their goal is that existing power plants will reliably balance out the fluctuating power from wind turbines or photovoltaic systems, in order to ensure grid stability. The optimisation measures could already be installed in the short term in existing power plants. With this aim in mind, four power plant operators are collaborating with three research institutes and two components manufacturers, under the project management of VGB PowerTech. Read more

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