Energy system

Our energy system must become more flexible. Intelligent grids can balance the fluctuating demand and the supply of electricity. Power plants must be able to respond flexibly to changing loads and fuels. The challenges of increasing electricity consumption and major new consumers such as electric cars have to be met. Storage technologies are playing an ever more important role.

news / 2016-02-02

The third phase of the research project HotVeGas launched in early January. Previous findings in coal gasification will be further developed and consolidated in a fuel database. The project will run until the end of 2019. Technische Universität München is coordinating the project. Read more

news / 2014-11-03

The aim of the “Thermochemical energy storage unit for thermal power plants and industrial heat” research project, TcET for short, is to achieve continuous load delivery in fossil fuel-fired power plants. Scientists at TU Munich are investigating ways to operate the combustion chambers of power plants at a constant level of efficiency in the case of fluctuating electrical power output. Read more

opinion / 2013-11-19

Professor Karl Maile, Commercial Director of the Materials Testing Institute at the University of Stuttgart (MPA Stuttgart), is heading the scientific support research on the high-temperature material test facilities (HWT I and II). In the interview, he talked about the importance of the ongoing material development for the flexibility and efficiency of power plants. Read more

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