Decreasing emissions

Particle and sulphur emissions from power plants were reduced to almost zero in the 1980s.
This century shall see the advent of fossil fuel power plants with no CO2 emissions.

news / 2016-02-02

The third phase of the research project HotVeGas launched in early January. Previous findings in coal gasification will be further developed and consolidated in a fuel database. The project will run until the end of 2019. Technische Universität München is coordinating the project. Read more

news / 2015-06-24

Higher temperature differences can increase the efficiency of power plants, and thus lower CO2 emissions. The lower limit is determined by the outside or ambient temperature, and the upper limit depends on material properties. As part of the research project HWT II (high-temperature material test track II), experts examined the behaviour of thick-walled pipe and fitting components during the required flexible operation at temperatures of up to 725 °C. Read more

news / 2015-03-16

What options are available for the co-combustion of biomass in power plants in ever greater volumes? Researchers at the Hamburg University of Technology are currently exploring this issue in a simulation based on a detailed power plant model in the 800-megawatt power class. The aim is to ensure the rate of internal consumption of power plants remains as low as possible when using regenerative fuel too. Read more

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