Solar thermal power plants

Solar thermal power plants are based on conventional power plant technology, supplemented by concentrated solar heat as a source of energy. It can be differentiated between three large-scale solar thermal systems: parabolic trough collectors, Fresnel systems and tower power plants. Solar thermal power plants have been using large thermal storage systems for many years to enable electricity to be generated even during the night. The global market is estimated to amount to around 20 billion euros per year. The German industry is well positioned with components and systems.

news / 2013-02-25

The gasifiers in IGCC power plants have almost been a “black box” in terms of power plant research. By means of measurements, experiments and simulations, the joint “HotVeGas” project is now revealing the processes. Their aim is to optimise gasifiers. Coupled with other processes, such as the production of hydrogen, this results in synergy effects. Read more

news / 2013-01-14

The "Future-oriented electricity grids" funding initiative gives new impetus for research in Germany. As part of the scheme, technologies and concepts for extending the grid infrastructure are being investigated. Three federal government ministers today gave the starting signal for the funding initiative. Researchers are invited to submit their project plans by 27 March 2013. Read more

news / 2013-01-07

Across the world, the human lung is used as a model for filter technology. Researchers are producing synthetic membranes which, like the lung, capture CO2. Polymer membranes are already being used in the industry for treating natural and biogas. A research team is currently studying their suitability for capturing CO2 in the flue gas produced by power plants. Read more

news / 2012-11-12

Higher steam parameters in power plants enable energy conversion which is more efficient, with lower CO2 levels. The next generation of power plants is designed to withstand steam temperatures of over 700 °C. This is not possible when standard materials are used. For this reason, researchers at the Mannheim power plant are now testing thick-walled components made of nickel alloys. Read more

news / 2012-10-12

The intention is to better integrate the generation, transport and consumption of renewable energies. A core element of the energy turnaround is provided by intelligent electricity networks known as smart grids. The "Peer Energy Cloud" research project is investigating how decentralised electricity generation can be implemented with local peer-to-peer energy networks. Read more