Increasing efficiency

Power plants operate for many thousands of hours per annum. Every improvement in efficiency therefore leads to considerable savings in fuels over the course of a whole year. If implemented in a systematic manner, an increase in efficiency of one tenth of a percentage point can result in savings of billions of euros in practice and reduce consumption of resources by a number of percentage points.

news / 2011-03-18

At the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, power plant technicians are researching more efficient technologies in order to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in lignite-fired power plants. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and five partners from industry are contributing 1.9 million euros to the project for further developing the pressurised steam fluidised-bed drying of lignite. Read more

news / 2010-12-08

In place of celebrations, AG Turbo's 12th status seminar in Bonn's Science Centre at the start of December 2010 instead featured 12 presentations on the interior workings of turbomachinery. The research findings from subprojects in the areas of compression, combustion, cooling and expansion demonstrate that the extended AG Turbo 2020 joint project represents well-spent research funding along the path to developing "turbomachinery for low-emission power plants". Nonetheless, the total of around 100 scientists and engineers are proud of what has already been achieved. Read more

opinion / 2010-09-16

Prof. Dr. Alfons Kather makes the case for technologies that allow for fossil fuels and renewable energies to exist side-by-side. Read more