Increasing efficiency

Power plants operate for many thousands of hours per annum. Every improvement in efficiency therefore leads to considerable savings in fuels over the course of a whole year. If implemented in a systematic manner, an increase in efficiency of one tenth of a percentage point can result in savings of billions of euros in practice and reduce consumption of resources by a number of percentage points.

news / 2013-10-18

Small gas turbines are relatively inefficient. In the wake of the energy turnaround, demand for intermediate electricity storage systems is increasing. Scientists at RWTH Aachen and TU Freiberg are working on a new design concept to increase the efficiency of current small gas turbines. Read more

news / 2013-02-25

The gasifiers in IGCC power plants have almost been a “black box” in terms of power plant research. By means of measurements, experiments and simulations, the joint “HotVeGas” project is now revealing the processes. Their aim is to optimise gasifiers. Coupled with other processes, such as the production of hydrogen, this results in synergy effects. Read more

news / 2012-11-12

Higher steam parameters in power plants enable energy conversion which is more efficient, with lower CO2 levels. The next generation of power plants is designed to withstand steam temperatures of over 700 °C. This is not possible when standard materials are used. For this reason, researchers at the Mannheim power plant are now testing thick-walled components made of nickel alloys. Read more