news / 2017-07-11

First meeting of the Flexible Energy Conversion Research Network

Annabel Fürstenau-Brutschy, the responsible advisor at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, presented the work of the research networks. (Source: Trautwein)

The first meeting of the Flexible Energy Conversion Research Network, which was held on 30th of June 2017 in Jülich, in particular focussed on the structure of the future work. The meeting drew on proposals that were drafted in Berlin in February 2017 during the kick-off event for the network. The network is being launched with five working groups. A key task of the future activities is to provide advice on the development of the 7th Energy Research Programme.

Dr Hermann Stelzer, the responsible department head at Project Management Jülich, explained the focus of the five working groups. (Source: Trautwein)

Experts from conventional power plant technology, solar thermal power plants and CO2 technologies are working together in the Flexible Energy Conversion research network. Around 110 experts from industrial enterprises, research facilities and universities took part in the first meeting in Jülich. The network is divided into five working groups:


  • Thermal power plants
  • CO2 technologies
  • Solar thermal power plants (CSP)
  • System integration, material and thermal storage
  • Turbomachines


The individual working groups will independently work on their own focus areas in future. All working groups are aiming to develop topic sheets by the end of 2017. These themes will be incorporated into the 7th Energy Research Programme, which is currently under preparation and is expected to be available in summer 2018.


The existing members of the Flexible Energy Conversion Research Network are encouraging other experts from industry, research facilities and universities to join the network. You can register here.