Energy system

Our energy system must become more flexible. Intelligent grids can balance the fluctuating demand and the supply of electricity. Power plants must be able to respond flexibly to changing loads and fuels. The challenges of increasing electricity consumption and major new consumers such as electric cars have to be met. Storage technologies are playing an ever more important role.

news / 2011-02-02

Power plants with CO2 reduction technologies form an integral part of the Federal government’s energy research programme. This has been testified by the COORETEC funding initiative, which since 2004 has funded 319 projects with a funding volume of 311 million euros. At its meeting on 2 February 2011 in Bonn, the initiative’s Advisory Board redefined the role of modern power plant technology for the coming energy research programme. Researchers from science and business want to close the energy supply gap caused by energy sources such as wind and solar energy as a consequence of their fluctuating yields. Read more

news / 2011-01-11

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is promoting the development of "intelligent electricity grids" with its "E-Energy" flagship project. With the help of information and communication technologies, it is intended to optimally match the growing provision of renewable and decentralised energy sources with the electricity demand. Corresponding applications are being developed and tested in six E-Energy model regions with different focuses. Read more

news / 2010-11-24

Micro-CHP is what experts call the production of heat and electricity by heating systems in the basement. Researchers are currently asking themselves the following questions: What is happening in the area of micro-CHP? How can we coordinate the wide range of technologies for decentralised power plants? What requirements are demanded of cogeneration (CHP)? In Stuttgart, 50 researchers came together to network and exchange current research findings over the course of 15 technical presentations. Everyone is trying to achieve higher electrical efficiencies and lower cost structures – from micro gas turbines right through to heat exchangers. Read more

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