Increasing efficiency

Power plants operate for many thousands of hours per annum. Every improvement in efficiency therefore leads to considerable savings in fuels over the course of a whole year. If implemented in a systematic manner, an increase in efficiency of one tenth of a percentage point can result in savings of billions of euros in practice and reduce consumption of resources by a number of percentage points.

news / 2017-07-20

Heliostats are mirrors that bundle sunlight in solar tower power plants and direct it to the central receiver. This is situated at the top of the solar tower. Engineers have now developed a new geometric shape for heliostats with a pentagonal mirror. These are controlled by new software. Five of these new heliostats are currently undergoing practical testing on a test field in Jülich. Read more

news / 2017-07-11

The first meeting of the Flexible Energy Conversion Research Network, which was held on 30th of June 2017 in Jülich, in particular focussed on the structure of the future work. The meeting drew on proposals that were drafted in Berlin in February 2017 during the kick-off event for the network. The network is being launched with five working groups. A key task of the future activities is to provide advice on the development of the 7th Energy Research Programme. Read more

news / 2017-03-27

The founding event for the Flexible Energy Conversion Research Network was held at the end of February 2017 at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin. In future, classic power plant technologies will work under one roof with solar thermal power plants and thermal storage systems. The key task will be to increase flexibility and improve the partial load behaviour in order to support the fluctuating renewable energies. Read more