Reducing CO2

Particle and sulphur emissions from power plants were reduced to almost zero in the 1980s.
This century shall see the advent of fossil fuel power plants with no CO2 emissions.

news / 2010-12-08

In place of celebrations, AG Turbo's 12th status seminar in Bonn's Science Centre at the start of December 2010 instead featured 12 presentations on the interior workings of turbomachinery. The research findings from subprojects in the areas of compression, combustion, cooling and expansion demonstrate that the extended AG Turbo 2020 joint project represents well-spent research funding along the path to developing "turbomachinery for low-emission power plants". Nonetheless, the total of around 100 scientists and engineers are proud of what has already been achieved. Read more

news / 2010-11-24

Micro-CHP is what experts call the production of heat and electricity by heating systems in the basement. Researchers are currently asking themselves the following questions: What is happening in the area of micro-CHP? How can we coordinate the wide range of technologies for decentralised power plants? What requirements are demanded of cogeneration (CHP)? In Stuttgart, 50 researchers came together to network and exchange current research findings over the course of 15 technical presentations. Everyone is trying to achieve higher electrical efficiencies and lower cost structures – from micro gas turbines right through to heat exchangers. Read more

opinion / 2010-11-03

"LISA" is up and running on the campus of the Technical University of Darmstadt. This is an abbreviation for "LImeStone-based Absorption of CO2". This project is the world's largest attempt to use limestone-based capture of CO2 in order to make fossil-fuel power plants more climate-friendly. Bernd Epple is the head of the LISA project. He and around 100 guests from the areas of politics and business came together on 3 November to mark the start of the new plant. In an interview, he explained why his project has a decisive role to play in climate protection. Read more

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